TRAPJAW from Bielefeld stand for honest, brutal and playful Blackened Death / Thrash Metal art with a lot of sense and dedication for mercilessly aggressive riff assaults, packed in varied, sometimes unconventional song structures as well as for song elements with often epic, detail-loving arrangements, far beyond musical restrictions, which the advocates of simple and catchy songs with hit potential again and again try to uphold.

After a start-up and demo-phase in the first years of the new millennium, TRAPJAW drew more attention with their debut album VIRUSHUMAN in 2005 (13/15 points in the LEGACY magazine, 10/12 points in the HEAVY magazine, 8/10 points in the TERRORRAIZER magazine). Not only because many European metal journalists were enthusiastic about their musical work in their reviews of VIRUSHUMAN and interviews with the band, but also because TRAPJAW made several German concert stages (as with any other of their performances) rumble in the subsequently completed Live Infection tour.

After spending a lot of effort to build their own studio, TRAPJAW released their second album TERROR DIVINE in 2009. An album that proved how brutal and original, unconventional, rich in variety and extreme Metal must be to conquer the hearts of the irrepressible. Since the Band’s third Album WORLD OF JAWS in 2018 the use of a fretless 7-string guitar from frontman Marek has become a special kind of ear candy: among other things, the band integrates oriental sounds into their brutal metal sound-wall with this unconventional, remodelled instrument and leaves long - lasting impressions with fans of extreme music as well as the trade press:

„TRAPJAW are not only able to set musical accents. The quintessence seems to lie somewhere between BEHEMOTH and SODOM“ LEGACY- Magazine

„Amazing Combo! TRAPJAW have enough self-reliance to get rid of the slipstream of Mille Petrozza.“ HEAVY – Magazine

„TRAPJAW from Bielefeld kill all along the line. Simply irresistibly brutal. At TRAPJAW, every break, every riff, every tom-stroke sits. It will be cool to see the band live. Recommend to anyone who admires technically pronounced but straight- thrashing Death Metal!" CARNAGE - Magazine

„The song structures are so thoughtfully thought out that absolutely no boredom arises. Trapjaw show that Thrash Metal is not dead!" ABDITUS VULTUS- Magazine

„Duty for all fans of the well-groomed neck break!“

„Basically KRISIUN / VADER league!“

„Finest Death Metal music with ambition.“




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