Date of Release: May 2009

Label Support/ Distribution: Venomous Productions


Line- Up:

Marek- Lead & Rhythm Guitars, 7- String Guitars, 12- String acoustic Guitars, Lead & backing Vox

Maxx- Drums & Percussions

Kozzy- Bass Guitars, additional backing Vocals



1. Culture of plastic Souls

2. Terror Divine

3. Voice of the Abyss (from a Grave new World)

4. Relativity of the I

5. No Silence against Ignorance

6. Slavery Inc.

7. Awake

8. Generation Buk

9. Elysium

10. Newborn Eyes, newborn Hell

11. CIA (Clowns in Aggression)

12. Monothony




Engineered, recorded and mixed sporadically in Boom- Room Studio 01.03.2008- 05.11.2008 by Trapjaw. Mastering by M.Latos. Frontcover designed by CrudeArt. Copyright by Trapjaw 2009. All Rights reserved!

Band's own Statement: “To us there are no doubts this is the best record we've ever done (until now)! We have created an own atmosphere of darkness, terror and brutality, but also left room for surprises. So the listener can enjoy almost an hour of finest Death / Thrash Metal- Art and never feels bored. It is a profound album a real extreme Metal- Fan should fall in love with, which includes a lot of violent blast- speed- attacks, short and fast Hammersongs like TERROR DIVINE, CIA or CULTURE OF PLASTIC SOULS, epic and various Songs with complex arrangements like GENERATION BUK or AWAKE and very slow and grim Tracks like NEWBORN EYES, NEWBORN HELL or SLAVERY INC. as well plus a couple of surprises we've never done before.

It was a bless being able to record in an own studio this time. So we were able to make this Album as perfect as possible and we are proud and happy with the result. This is the kind of Record we always wanted to do. Sound and Music are truly a monstrous wall! The drums- elements are nearly all natural, only the bass- drums are triggered, the Rhythm- Guitars are a 7- string- Monster recorded with an ENGL- Amp and the fretless Bass- Sound is a special masterstroke, for it is more audible than most of so- called “modern sound” Releases. The Vocals are the most brutal but also the most various, which Vocalist Marek has ever performed.

Enjoy a trip into Terror and Brutality!


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